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Whats New In Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, not quite on everyone’s lips currently but there are definite stirrings amongst the masses for AR other than Pokemon related. As we are always interested in anything new that pops up concerning Augmented reality we listed a few points of interest below. These should whet your Virtual appetite.


Tankfest is happening very soon at the Tank Museum in Bovington. This year there is an installation using the Microsoft Hololens. Wargaming, developer of World of Tanks, partnered with the Tank Museum to add the missing tank from the new Tiger collection. Visitors will be able to view the tank as it crashes in from outside into its display spot and walk around it, both inside and out.

Augmented surgery

Novarad is a Healthcare enterprise imaging company. The company has combined their product with the augmented reality of Microsoft’s HoloLens. This service this offers renders patients’ imaging studies into 3D and presents them in an interactive manner. This gives radiologists, physicians, surgeons, and students the ability to interact with the image as well as see these images displayed in the anatomically correct location on the patient.


AR glasses

Unlike the Hololens, these will not make you look like Tron’s distant cousin.

The Alpha Glass AR Smart Glasses is currently on Kickstarter. Though they are not as large as the Hololens they still hold their own if the video is anything to go by. They are both iOS and Android ready and offer a private AI assistant. Welcome to the future!


As always, with great technology, advertising companies will work out a way to use it to their benefit. In this instance, it is at least entertaining and will make waiting for a bus a little less humdrum. Warning, the following video may scare you, then again, maybe not.

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