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Pioneer unveils new Elite BDP-53FD Blu-ray player

If you happen to be a bit of a purest when it comes to your audio and visual needs, no doubt you’ll want the best experience possible – well, if that’s you, I’m guessing you’ll be interested in knowing about Pioneer’s new “Elite” Blu-Ray player, which should hopefully do the job nicely.

Pionner has just unveiled its latest high-end 3D Blu-Ray player which they call the Elite BDP-53FD. This bad boy should do it all, and give you the best possible Blu-Ray experience possible thanks to the obundance of features integrated into the player.

The Blu-Ray player can be connected to the Internet directly via an Ethernet cable, or an optional wireless adaptor; once connected the player supports various online streaming sites, allowing you to watch your favourite online content directly on the device.

As you’d expect, the BDP-53FD supports 1080p resolution using HDMI specification 1.4a, it can also upscale all your standard definition content up to 1080p as well.

The BDP-53FD supports 36-bit colour depth for superior images along with the special PQLS bit-stream multi-channel feature, which basically ensures that you get no jitter from panning images on films etc. Also, when connected to a compatible receiver this feature will also ensure that the audio is perfectly sync’d for exceptional audio quality.

So, if this sounds like your ideal Blu-Ray player, you should be able to get your hands on one now for $499 (around £315).

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