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UPDATED: Where Can You Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy SIII in the UK?

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If you liked the look of Samsung’s new Galaxy SIII when it was launched last night, no doubt the thought of buying one has crossed your mind in the past 12 hours – we know it’s certainly crossed our minds!

We already know that the phone will launch in the UK on May 30th and being such an incredibly popular we’re sure that everyone and his dog will want to be selling it. However, just where can you buy the Galaxy SIII? Will you be able to buy it outright? Can you upgrade to it? Let’s see just where you can get the phone and how.

UK Networks

Orange – Orange has confirmed that it will be stocking the Galaxy SIII, although it hasn’t yet announced price plans and tariffs.

UPDATE: Orange will give you the Galaxy S3 for nothing if you choose to take out a 2 year contract with them at £36 or more per month. Both Dolphin and Panther tariffs are available with the phone, scoring you 900 mins/3000 texts/250MB or 600 mins/3000 texts/1GB data respectively.

T-Mobile – T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy S3 on a 24 month contract with the Full Monty tariff. For £36 per month and a one-off cost of £49.99 for the phone itself, you’ll get unlimited data, texts and calls to other T-Mobile users, as well as 2000 minutes to other networks. You can register here.

O2 – O2 has already tweeted its confirmation: “The Samsung Galaxy SIII is coming to O2 on 30 May – mark the date”

UPDATE: O2 now has pre-orders open for both the Marble White and Pebble Blue, free from £41 per month on a 24 month contract. That gets you 600 minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1GB of data. O2 will also throw in unlimited access to their public Wi-Fi network, allowing you to get online for free in coffee shops and other public spots.

Vodafone – Vodafone has been straight out of the blocks, announcing it will offer both the 16 and 32GB versions in both colours – blue and white – from May 30th. The 32GB version is also apparently an exclusive to the network for the first month from the launch, so you won’t be able to buy it from any other network during that time.

UPDATE: You can get the phone free from £41 per month on a 2 year deal, which gets you 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data.

Three – Confirmation is present smack bang in the middle of Three’s homepage, along with the tagline “we have liftoff”. The phone will come free from £34 per month on the 24 month One Plan, which gives you 2000 minutes, All You Can Eat data, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5000 texts.


(Now Expired) Carphone Warehouse – By far the best bargain – if you can grab it in time – is Carphone Warehouse’s phone and web pre-order deal. If you’re one of the first 1000 to pre-order the SGS3 on a pay monthly contract, you’ll also get a Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth £399, a Zagg screen protector for your phone and an in-car charging kit. Pretty good deal if you ask us! CPW has the phone available on Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone at the moment, with prices starting at £36 per month if you want the phone free. You can buy the phone SIM-Free for £499.98.

You can pre-order with, who is offering the phone on all 5 major UK networks plus Carphone Warehouse’s own TalkMobile network. Prices start at £28.40 per month (by redemption) with the phone coming free, or you can balance a cheaper monthly cost with an up-front fee for the phone, if you wish.

Phones 4u

Similarly to Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u is offering a bonus bundle when you pre-order with them. You’ll get an official Samsung Premium Accessory with your pre-order worth £50, although we can’t tell just what is in the bundle just yet. 24 month contracts are available on Vodafone, Orange and O2, starting at £36 per month with the phone coming free.

Where will you pre-order yours from? Let us know if you find a better deal. We will of course be keeping the prices on this page up to date so keep checking back!
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