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Play Pac-Man on Your Street Thanks to Google Maps (No April Fools!)

Have you ever dreamt of what it would be like to play Pac-Man on your own street? Well now is the time to find out thanks to Google Maps. And before you dismiss this article as an apparent April Fools hoax, please read on because we assure you it isn’t a joke – but it may just be the most fun you’ll have all day!

From April the 1st, and for a limited time, Google Maps will allow you to play Pac-Man on your desktop or laptop computer’s web browser or through the app for mobile and tablet devices.

To play you simply need to go onto Google Maps, search for a postcode or location of your choosing and when the map comes up take a look in the bottom left corner. Down where you’ll usually find the option for satellite view you’ll also see a Pac-Man icon. Hoover over and when the word “READY!” appears over the map hit that button and you better be ready because your map view will turn into the 8-bit landscape of Pac-Man and the game is a-go!

You’ll need to use those long-lost Pac-Man skills evade those ghosts and gobble those balls as you guide the circular yellow hero down familiar locations using the keyboard or touchscreen controls. Admittedly the controls leave much to be desired and if your location is full of bends, diagonal angles and sharp corners it’s easy to get stuck and grabbed by the ghoulies when the map throws up a treacherous turn!

But the fact that pretty much every street documented by Google Maps can become a playground for Pac-Man we’re sure you’ll find there’s plenty of entertainment and a nostalgic trip down memory lane (or any lane of your choice) with this early Easter egg from those fun-loving chaps at Google!

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