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Playstation 3 to drop to below £180? Console on price par with Xbox 360

The back and forth battle between Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 continues with dominance of the console market as the prize. Now some retailers are set to slash the price of Sony’s flagship gaming gadget to less than £200.

Whether in answer to the succession of fails by Sony’s security on the Playstation Network or as an indication that the company has some PS4 news ahead for us – it’s anyone’s guess. However, price drops are speculated to be as much as £20 through some sellers. Bringing the PS3 toe-to-toe with Microsoft’s Xbox, but having the edge with it also packing the unique Blu-Ray factor.

The House of M looks to expand on its Kinect platform with more goodies to drop this year and price packages are sure to follow. Sony can only fire back with the so-so Playstation Move and not even a Star Trek themed Phaser could win the console-buying public’s affections for motion gaming away from Xbox 360 – in our opinion.

There are many pros and cons to both consoles, regardless of the price tag. We could go on all day. Playstation 3 has superior video with its Blu Ray, whereas the Xbox 360 has superior motion gaming with its Kinect. Playstation Network Fails – Xbox LIVE.. doesn’t fail as much..

From a personal POV it’s all about gaming, if you’re not buying a gaming console for gaming you’ll be the type of person excited about the Wii U.

With talk of an “Xbox 720” being revealed at next year’s E3 conference, Sony may be following Nintendo’s move of knocking a chunk out of the cost of owning their Wii console, making way for next-gen slot in the market. Bringing all major consoles into line around the same time, ready for launch – and the next confrontation. 2012 could be the big one for console gamers!

Sony recently launched a revamped lighter version of it’s Playstation 3 in Japan. Perhaps this is what we can expect? Read our article HERE.

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