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Playstation Network Fail: Blame starts at Anonymous – Hacktivists deny claims

Sony has now recognised and pointed blame at two parties who are presumed to be behind the security attack which led to the serious data leak for the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment services almost two weeks ago.

If correct, Anonymous was the first hacker organisation to have struck the Sony networks with a Denial-of-Service attack when the Playstation Network service was pulled on April 20th. This is believed to have been a distraction for a second unrelated group to be able to infiltrate, take control of the networks and obtain user data, personal and financial information – with over 100-million gamers potential under serious security threat.

Cyber-security experts were brought in over the last few days to discover the causes and to trace the culprits of the attack, and Sony’s accusations were formed from the discovery of a file on their server bearing Anonymous’ slogan “We Are Legion”, a part of the group’s slogan.

However, uncharacteristic to the boastful nature of the group, Anonymous have denied involvement in the attack in a press release, claiming to have never engaged in such theft; the group state “If a legitimate and honest investigation into credit card theft is conducted, Anonymous will not be found liable” – pointing out their “modus operandi” is not of a criminal intent.

If Sony is mistaken in their accusations they could be in more trouble than they already are. Part of the sign-off on the press release from Anonymous states boldly – “We do not forgive”. Sony would be hard-pressed not to take that very seriously indeed.

The press release from Anonymous has been posted by The Next Web and can be read in full HERE.

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