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Another Playstation Network statement – Few more days needed to “confirm security”

The Playstation Network will remain inactive for a few more days, claims Sony, after promising its online services would be returned to working order on May 3rd – almost one week ago.

Another day, another blog statement from Sony – who’s Playstation Network has been KO’d since April 20th, this time Nick Caplin, communications boss of Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe suggests that security is being checked and double checked with the company bringing in “outside entities” to “confirm the security of the system” – a system which is “incredibly complex” and understandably takes a very long time to rectify the damage done, but why was it not equally as complex when it came to coping with an attack by hackers and the security of its users’ vital information?

Caplin goes on to say that when an emergency press conference was held last week in Japan Sony was “unaware of the extent of the attack” when it was suggested the system will be back online within a week.

Unaware” seems to be a familiar term to the 100-million members plus Playstation gamers approaching their third week without anything but a series of broken promises from the Sony Corporation – who are now left with an incredibly sightly stain on its once great reputation.

Over the last week we have seen Sony desperately try to win back favour by offering Welcome Back gifts and freebies to overseas gamers whenever the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment services resume (nothing for UK gamers, it would seem).

In addition, over the weekend an apology was issued by British Sony boss Howard Stringer, addressing the “frustrating time” and promising “In the coming days, we will restore service to the networks and welcome you back to the fun” – but have gamers already lost the faith?

It seems likely, and we at the Gadget Helpline have received a large number of comments and feedback from frustrated gamers who seem to have had enough of Sony’s poor approach to this situation and the threat on gamers personal and financial security. Are you amongst the more than 100-million affected?

You can still read our article on Mr. Stringer’s address HERE. Also view the full statement from Nick Caplan on the official Playstation Blog.

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