Pokemon GO Tips – Gym Tactics & Tracking


Newsflash: Tracking Actually Works

There seems to be a little confusion with the new system so we decided to offer a little assistance with a new edition of our Pokémon GO tips. The new tracking system is very simplistic but it does actually work.  Gone are footprints, now we have tufts of grass framing the prized Pokémon.  From first observation this does not seem to offer much in the way of tracking. What you have to bear in mind is that the Pokémon are actually showing up in order of distance.

Allow us to explain,

As shown in the images below, the sightings window will regularly update:


So, looking at this tracker as a player, the Pidgey and Weedle would have to wait; Oddish is clearly the favorite here.



Tracking Pokémon

Step 1. Carry on heading in the direction you were travelling when Oddish popped up

Step 2. If Oddish moves position in relation to the other Pokémon as you continue moving, stop, turn a full 180° and head back the way you came until Oddish is back in first position. Compared to original Pokémon of course.

Step 3. Turn either left or right by 90° and start moving forward. If target Pokémon moves out of position again compared to its original companions then head to next step (bear in mind that if new Pokémon pop up you will have to counter these in as well with your calculations).

Step 4. Stop moving, turn a full 180° and start moving towards your prized Pokémon!

Gym tactics

This is pretty much what its all about if you want to progress in line with players who are putting their cash into the game regularly. Gold is your number one target and capitalising on as much as possible per Pokéwalk should keep you in a reasonably competitive position.

Plan your route:

After watching your gyms status for a few minutes you should see how often it is being battled and also, more importantly, how often it is changing hands. Generally, the gyms at lower levels will be regular and the higher level ones will pretty much stay static unless a few people team up to beat it. Take these things into account before you start your gym run, easiest to the hardest or you will run out of potions etc before maximising Gold.

Gym Defense:

So, your fingers are shaking from the intensity of battle, the gym goes silver and ready to claim but which Pokémon to choose? This may come as a surprise but high CP is not always the best stat to use for defending a gym. Sure, you can pop a high CP Pokémon on there and it will probably do quite a bit of damage but this does not mean it will stay there for long. One of the most important stats for defense is Health; the longer they stay alive in a fight the better. Couple this stat with a reasonable auto attack and you have a Tank that most players will struggle to knock off.


If you are not wandering around with a small army (yes reds we mean you), and Gold has been quite hard to come by in your local area then Sniping gyms may be your only choice. Quite simple to accomplish too. All you need do is stay close to  a gym that is changing hands regularly wait for it to go silver after a battle and quickly jump on. The other players will not be as fast as you generally as they are still in the battle won screen. This is guaranteed to gain you 10 Gold per day, not the most profitable but at least its an income! Don’t forget to cash out quick before they knock you off with ease.

Thats your Pokémon Go tips  for today from the Gadgethelpline, happy hunting!