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Popular Adult Website Offers $25K to Viewers Who Find Security Bugs

Popular adult video resource PornHub is offering up to $25,000 to viewers who find security vulnerabilities in its website.

The bounties for finding a bug in the streaming site’s defence starts at $50 a pop, with the top money shot awarded for spotting a major boob – making it a nice little earner for those who spend a lot of time streaming smut and have a knack for hacks.

This scheme is similar to what Google and some other sites have done in the past by offering out enticing money rewards for anyone who can find a way to crack their systems.

With PornHub now introducing a similar incentive, alongside of its existing security measures, it will further help safeguard 60-million daily viewers against any dodgy external links which may lead to unwanted and nasty stuff such as theft of information and personal data. And probably more importantly this means customer’s viewing history will stay under lock and key!

PornHub is no stranger to tech news, having recently popped up in the headlines for adding a VR category to its diverse and somewhat bizarre library of interests to cater for the growing wave of Virtual Reality gadgets such as Oculus and the Samsung Gear VR.

It goes to show that despite being perv-veyors of porn they really do have a finger on the pulse when it comes to evolving and expanding their unique entertainment platform through the latest tech trends.