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Samsung Flexible Screen Technology Gets Copyrighted With Name “Youm”

After unveiling some fantastic concepts for its future development on flexible displays, Korean co. Samsung has taken another step into making the innovative technology a reality by patenting its screen tech as well as copyrighting a logo and a name – “Youm”.

A section of Samsung’s native Korean website has also opened up showing how the construction of the Youm technology will involve less layers, but despite making us think this would be more brittle than the standard OLED and LCD displays currently employed, the screen is made of a film rather than glass and the bit or text we can actually understand on the website Samsung boasts “Thinner Lighter + Unbreakable”. We can’t help but think of those “shatter-proof” school rulers we all once used and that were always put to the test! But as Samsung is one of, if not the, leader in display tech we think they’ve got this.

In mid-2011 we saw concepts of the “Samsung Galaxy Skin” but sadly the project never was and turned out to be purely that – a concept. In impressive mock-up scenes we did get to see an 8mm slimline phone posing in a variety of mutated states never before dreamt of. We can now begin to entertain those dreams with Samsung’s reveal of Youm.

LG has also been flexing its tech at trade shows and demonstrations with its latest development in bendable e-ink displays. Check out the Gadget Helpline’s coverage of this story – Here.

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