Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Launch Delayed to Make Room for Quad-Core Processor

Samsung’s impressive Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet will suffer a delay until June, but the wait will be worth it, so we’re told.

Korean economical newspaper IPD reports that Samsung Electronics has headed back to the drawing board for the S Pen-touting tablet, pushing back the launch date to June in order to change the processor.

When Samsung revealed the device at this year’s Mobile World Congress it featured a powerful Dual-Core processor clocked at 1.4GHz. However, Samsung has decided to go Quad-Core at the last minute, swapping out the Dual-Core chip for a Quad-Core variant of its own Exynos processors.

The change should make for an impressive boost in speed, allowing the tablet to handle plenty of demanding applications and games at the same time with no lag. Samsung hasn’t announced the news itself, although we still haven’t heard a launch date for the product so perhaps things haven’t been finalised just yet.

Samsung’s oversized ‘phablet’, the Galaxy Note, has received mixed reviews although that hasn’t stopped it reaching 5 million in sales figures worldwide. While the Galaxy Note tries to blur the lines between tablet and smartphone, the new Galaxy Note 10.1 is strictly aimed at the tablet market. A 10.1-inch touchscreen display adorns the front of the device, which can be operated using a finger or the clever S Pen stylus that slots into the side of the tablet.

With the recent explosion in popularity of drawing-type apps such as Zynga’s Draw Something and Fifty Three’s Paper app for iOS, the focus on using styli with smartphones and tablets has grown. Samsung hopes to capture some of this excitement with its Galaxy Note 10.1, and has already stated that it is working with the likes of Adobe to bring unique experiences that make the most of the S Pen to the tablet.

IPD also reported that Samsung’s decision to make a last-minute change for a Quad-Core processor was to keep up with Apple, who recently announced the third generation iPad with the A5X processor.

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Via: PocketDroid