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Samsung Galaxy S4 appears in demo video, looks much like a big S3

If that teaser picture from Samsung earlier today wasn’t enough to whet your gadget whistle, then how about a full video teaser of the Galaxy S4 in action? The phone has popped up in a demo video on YouTube, sparking further rumour that the phone will basically be a larger version of the S3.

The handset on film is the GT-I9502, which is the dual-SIM version of the Galaxy S4 that we recently saw in pictures from a Chinese forum. has taken things a step further by recording a three minute hands-on video with the phone, giving us a better look at what’s in store.

As seems to have become the trend, the phone shown has a very similar design to the current Galaxy S3. We have a feeling that Samsung won’t stick with the same design and so we could be looking at Galaxy S4 hardware in a dummy case, so as to keep the real design a secret until the launch.

The handset, which appears to be finished in a blue-ish brushed metal on the front and a glossy silver on the back, is also rather chunky. When shown a profile view of the phone it looks to be around 10mm thick, which again we doubt will be the case with Samsung’s new phone – more hints that this is in fact a dummy case.

When the phone is fired up in the video it’s quite easy to see that the screen size is larger and sharper, with the same home button and illuminated touch buttons below. There’s no usual Samsung boot logo to show the model number but instead an animation that shows a strange symbol before the Samsung logo.

The camera is demonstrated and we see a Burst mode used to fire off a number of shots within a second or two, and a quick look at the camera module on the back shows a large and raised lens.

We’ll reserve judgement until Thursday, but for now take a look at the video and let us know what you think.