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Samsung to Launch its Own ‘Gear Glass’ Wearable Tech in 2014?

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A Twitter-based tech informer has let slip that Samsung may be looking to step further into the wearable gadget market next year with its own version of Google’s ‘Glass’ called ‘Gear Glass’.

As surprising as the news sounds, especially considering the close similarity in name and concept to Google Glass, Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin) has previously revealed accurate insider gossip about many major mobile brands including Nokia, HTC and Samsung, and suggests the incoming gadget goggles in a recent tweet: “Samsung developing own version of Google Glass, we will see it (probably) around April-May under Gear Glass brand.

The information is vague at best and leaves us wondering if Samsung would really tread relatively unknown territory and go up against long time Android partner Google with a rival product, or whether this will be another co-production between the two. The name ‘Gear Glass’ could also suggest that the headgear could work in cohesion with Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Gear smart watch.

Google’s vision of wearable tech.

Google is already leading the way for wearable smart tech with Google Glass, a retina-tracking and life-capturing device which it hopes will become a natural part of society just like our smartphones. The idea seemed far-fetched and the stuff of sci-fi when first announced as ‘Project Glass’ but Google has done a great job of showing off the practical applications and we should see if the device has foreseeable longevity when it’s finally released to the public in 2014.

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