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Samsung registers Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp and Galaxy Helm names

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Samsung has placed a patent registration for three new Galaxy branded names at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Samsung has claimed three new names in the form of the Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp and Galaxy Helm.

The three new trademarks may never be anything that comes to fruition as its common for any company to register names that they may or may not use in the future.

The patents were registered on the 21st of May and are all listed as ‘mobile telephones; smartphones’ in the trademark application so we can expect the three to be Android running Galaxy handsets.

Samsung has in the past year seen great success in its Galaxy android smartphone rage with the Galaxy S3 finally breaking loose this week and going on sale, but it seems Samsung are getting ready to step up the production of Galaxy branded smartphones.

We are not quite sure on the three names that have been registered with the Samsung Rush being the only name that springs to mind as being desirable handset to say. Could you imagine buying a Samsung Galaxy Amp or Saying ”Yeah, it’s my Galaxy Helm”…?

However the naming system that Samsung currently has does lean towards named handsets for the mid-low end range of phones such as the Galaxy Ace.

Samsung do already own a large amount of Names for its Galaxy range including Blackjack, Equator, Fascinate, Gem, Glint, Impression, Magical, Rite, Wonder, Mantra, Mesmerise, Solstice, Trill, and even Vibrant. So you can just Add Helm, Rush and Amp to the list.

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