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Seagate announces world’s thinnest External Hard Drive

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Seagate have taken the title for World’s Slimmest External Hard Drive with the new GoFlex Slim.

The vital statistics show that the GoFlex Slim is just 9mm thick, thats just 0.2mm thicker than the super-slim Apple iPad 2.

Specifications haven’t been compromised to fit 320GB of storage into this tiny frame, the drive spins at an impressive 7200rpm for fast data write speeds, and has USB 3.0 connectivity for equally fast data transfer to and from the Hard Drive.

As with most external HDDs, the GoFlex Slim is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Seagate will also be bundling some additional backup software with the product to help customers backup quickly and easily.

If you want to get your hands on the world’s slimmest external hard drive, expect to pay around £80.