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Sharp to Manufacture a 5.5-inch 4K Display for Smartphones

The Japan-based Sharp Corporation made a huge announcement this week when it revealed it’ll be taking its IGZO 4K/UHD technology mobile with a 5.5-inch 3840 x 2160 resolution display manufactured specifically for smartphones expected to launch in 2016.

Cramming that many pixels into a handset-friendly screen size with a pixel density of 806 PPI means smartphones which employ Sharp’s IGZO 4K technology will have the sharpest display the world has ever seen. Indeed living up to the brand name and beating Samsung to the punch when it comes to announcing 4K’s arrival on the mobile market.

A question we have is where will this eye-blistering tech appear first and what manufacturer’s handsets will be capable of handling the GPU demands of other requirements of such visual wonders?

It’s easy to forget sometimes that screen specialists Sharp do themselves make smartphones from time to time (not just TVs) but have not reached the same heights of success as the market leaders including Samsung, HTC and Apple and the company reported financial losses back in 2012 and job cuts after taking a gamble on pushing its own branded handsets into Europe with the Sharp Aquos range of 3D smartphones a year prior.

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With this in mind, we’d be inclined to think Sharp won’t be releasing a 4K smartphone under its own banner anytime soon but will offer the tech up to the top-tier players for use on their premium handsets. Or maybe it’ll be another gimmick like 3D that fizzles out in the blink of an eye.