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Android Wear Coming To iOS Phones

Having a smartwatch is the best way to ride the wearable wave – they’ve got the best screens, looks and styles on their side, as well as great connectivity with your phone. Notifications, web searches and commands can easily be sent from your watch to your phone, but the huge amount of Android watches available might turn Apple fans away from getting one themselves.

Yes,  there is really only one major smartwatch designed to work with the iPhone. We all know what that product is called, so let’s not discuss it further. But if you’re not saturated in cash, an Android smartwatch is most definitely the better choice for the average consumer. Android Wear has been in the works for a while now, and there’s a huge range of products to choose from.

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Android might be great and less pricey, but for iPhone users hope is at hand if you’ve got your eye on one of Andoid’s watches. A recent report has it that Google is now working on a companion app for your iPhone that allows your Android Wear watch to work with Apple’s product. It’s a great move.

The prototype app itself manages to integrate with the watch and other apps installed on your iPhone, although it can send text notifications and do searches through the watch by itself. An iPhone with Gmail installed as an app can see email notifications and messages direct from the app, whilst music controls from the watch to song apps might arrive.

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Of course, all this functionality might be impressive and helpful for Android Wear users, but could the app itself actually make it onto Apple’s App store? Guidelines on the file distribution network have been against any kind of app that shows competing products or their branding. This could mean an ‘Android Wear App’ might not be allowed onto the app store.

A goodwill gesture from Apple in the spirit of fair competition and greater compatibility may come around, but the Apple Watch may motivate Apple to block such an app on their store in the end.  Both Apple and Google have remained tight lipped about the app for the moment, all we know so far is that it’s in the works and being tested internally at Google. Watch this space for further info.

Via: Techspot

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