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Skype 5.5 launches for Windows – Facebook integration shifts out of Beta

The full-fat Skype 5.5 is now available to download for Windows. Shifting out of the Beta version which was launched last month, this version brings full usage of the Facebook integration feature – allowing you to access and chat to your contacts through a designated tab on the Skype interface.

A lot’s happened since June 20th – Microsoft officially completed its purchase of the voice and video call service late in the month, when the FTC finally approved the acquisition, and in a July 7th press event Facebook social mogul Mark Zuckerberg announced what we had all guessed – that Skype would be incorporated into the social network’s chat feature.

Skype on Facebook and Facebook on Skype action hasn’t raised much excitement – as of yet. Maybe now version 5.5 is officially out of its cage more people will know about it and acknowledge its existence. We’d think any chance to use Facebook chat away from its ever-failing browser version would be more than welcomed.

The full Skype 5.5 update also comes along with smoother animation on emoticons and few tweaks here and there to make the day-to-day running of the application better. We have to admit that since we’ve been trying the Beta we’ve experience far less crashes. Is this part of the update? Or perhaps the Microsoft buyout given the former Estonian-based Skype co. a kick in the right direction..

Grab your update to Skype 5.5 for Windows from the Skype website today.

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