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Smartgolf – The first smart golfclub

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Golf. A sport for many, a good walk wasted for others. Good news if you are in the former camp though, as, at long last, the first smart golf club has been invented and is soon to be sold to the masses.

Now, unlike other swing trainers, the Smartgolf club has built in sensors which transmit directly to the accompanying app. The club itself is designed like a driver with a 35 inch shaft which makes it ideal for indoor practise as it is designed and weighted to feel like a real club.

Available in regular or stiff flex, you can pre-order a Smartgolf club today for $380 and delivery begins on the 14th of March. The app is available to download for free and works on all smart devices, including Windows, iOS and Android.

So, even when it is cold and wet out you can improve your game by just practising with the club a few minutes each day.
The Smartgolf app makes use of a patented logarithm to give you an exact analysis of your swing. The app also transforms Smartgolf into a golf simulator by allowing the users to play on realistic courses in game mode.

The app measures the most important aspects of your swing and then offers directions to improve each area you are lacking in such as:

Trajectory analysis – Three factors contribute to the trajectory analysis: face angle, path angle and attack angle. Face angle is the direction the club face is angled at impact (left or right). Path angle is the direction that the club is moving at impact (left or right). And Attack angle is the direction that the club head is moving at impact. Understanding how these different angles affect the movement of the ball will help keep you away from those sneaky bunkers.

Does the swing plane follow a consistent path for your backswing and downswing?
You can review and receive feedback on club speed, tempo, and rhythm at any given time during your swing.

Here is the quoted sales pitch from the manufacturer:

“There are many ways the average golfer can improve their technique but most are not easily accessible or affordable. The Smart Golf company is ready to change this problem of accessibility to golf technology with their innovative invention, the Smart Golf club. It certainly holds promise to become a hi-tech club in the bag of any golfer as it could end up providing much more practical access to swing analysis technology for golfers of any age and skill level.”
Happy swinging!