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Snapchat Third Party alternatives removed from Windows Phones

Snapchat announced in November that it would crack down on all third party apps, well it would seem they were true to their word, the Windows Phone app store no longer contains any third party Apps for Snapchat.

Unfortunately for Windows users the U.S. Company doesn’t have an official app for Windows Phone, so anyone using a Windows phone just lost their access to Snapchat and will not be able to download a Snapchat compatible app. Anyone who continues to use 3rd party Snapchat Apps like 6snap, will have their accounts locked for using it, something Snapchat promised to implement last month.

Rudy Huyn, who created the 6sanp app for Windows phone users, has being suggesting via twitter that Snapchat itself has instructed Microsoft to remove the apps, but neither company has had anything to say on the matter.

Huyn said he will “work closely with Microsoft now to convince Snapchat to change its mind,” but the U.S. company is taking a zero tolerance approach to third party apps after two of them were blamed for leaking millions of users’ IDs and passwords.

Snapchat has previously mentioned releasing an official API to allow third party companies to create and modify their app for third party programs without the inherent security risks, we also know that Snapchat is working on building a mobile messaging platform, so that API release may not be too far off.

None of this helps in the mean time for Windows Phone users as they now have no Snapchat third-party or otherwise, but that’s the risk you run buying a phone on the third most popular Mobile OS.  iOS and android will always have priority.