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Sony Quietly Removes Camera From Final PS4 Bundle to Allow £349 Price

When Sony revealed the full details on its new PlayStation 4 at the recent E3 expo we were all pleasantly surprised when we heard the price, which would undercut the ownership of rival Microsoft’s Xbox One by around £80. Reports now suggest that the original asking price for the impressive PS4 was going to match up with Microsoft’s competitor console but a quiet sacrifice was made, allowing the price drop.

You might remember back in February when Sony first spoke of the PS4, when we were left hanging as to the appearance of the console itself, but what was seen was the DualShock 4 controller and a camera accessory called the PlayStation Eye. With the distraction of new hardware and dazzling new software and games at the PlayStation presentation at E3 we might have lost sight of this extra and it seems since February Sony has decided to quietly remove the PlayStation Eye from the final retail bundle.

Sony has now made sellers aware that the camera has been removed from the initial PS4 retail package which will include the 500GB console, DualShock 4 controller, HDMI, USB and power cables and a stereo headset, a bundle which is reported by Toys ‘R Us to go on sale on December 13th.

The PlayStation Eye, now renamed the ‘PlayStation 4 camera’ would feature two movement sensing cameras and would affix to the top of the TV, designed to work together with the DualShock 4 controller to offer advanced motion control in the style of Sony’s previous efforts the PlayStation Move. The Eye will still become available as an individual purchase but a price for the solo product is yet to be announced.

This is a sneaky, sneaky move by Sony as the console wars really kick off. The PS4 still has a great deal to offer and we’d like know if the omission of the PlayStation Eye will affect our readers decision to buy the console when it’s released?

Source: IGN