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Sony release new tablet video – S1 and dual-screen S2 teased

“Two Will” – suggests Sony in a video sneak peak at its anticipated tablets. The teaser has appeared online but doesn’t really tell us much. Leaving us still to wonder – what will the Two do?

The S1 and S2 tablets as they are currently known were announced back in April and Sony have been very hush-hush when it comes to revealing any info about the pair of slabs.

What we do know is that both will come running Google’s platform Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The S1 will feature a single 9.4” screen with Tegra 2 processing power. While we were told the S2 will have dual 5.5” screens in a hinged “clam-shell” design – this rumour becomes fact as you will see in the new video.

The video, believed to be part two of five, is a little weird to say the least. Featuring irrelevant bouncing balls, falling paper and a pair of porcelain lovers – there may be some kind of symbolism here we’re not seeing yet.

Between these obscurities lay the real fruit with the dual-screened folding S2 opening up and a full frontal view of the S1 partially covered by shadow. Building anticipation to a final reveal of both devices. It’s a slick video, with an artistic tone with shadow and light play proving as a distraction for Sony who it seems aren’t ready to put all the cards on the table just yet – we still await any confirmed technical details and this video is not as forthcoming as we’d have hoped. Sony should get on with this, as the tablet market is already hotting up with many tech-giants already in the game – the latest being RIM who dropped its Blackberry PlayBook onto the UK scene this week.

As the video states this is “To be continued” and the Gadget Helpline will be following as the story unfolds!

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