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Only in Japan! – Star Wars “Chicken Walker” from Japanese robotics firm

Ever stomped around a playground imagining you were in control of the power loader from Aliens? Or even an AT-ST “Chicken Walker” from Return of the Jedi? If like me you did – a man from Japan will make all your boyhood dreams come true!

Sakakibara Kikai, creator of mostly industrial-based robotics, has reached out to our inner child and created the awesome Landwalker! Resembling a long-legged version of the fearsome ED-209 from Robocop and standing in at 12-foot tall – it’s powered by a 250cc gas engine and features dual air cannons mounted on both sides of the cab. Lethal!

The cost of living out a childhood dream will also be deadly, with the ‘bot priced at around $40,000 (excluding P&P from Japan to UK we’d imagine!)

But it’s not all just fun for us grown-ups. Kikai also make a scaled down version for the kiddies – which resembles the mecha robots of popular Japanese culture in anime and manga.

The Kid’s Walker stands 5-foot, seats one child-pilot and weighs 750lbs. It comes with functional arms and grabbers so no cookie jar is safe when your little ‘un is packing these limbs of steel!  Costing $22,000 – this one won’t get approval onto many Christmas lists this year!

Check out the Kid’s Walker in action –

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Source: Sakakibara Kikai