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Sony’s PS4 Update 1.70 to UK and Europe 30th April

Sony has announced the upcoming PS4 1.70 major software update will be arriving on our European shores sooner than expected, as next Wednesday April the 30th will see the new software go live.

The company announced the ins and outs of the update last week including the major new feature called SHAREfactory.

You can read more about the new SHAREfactory below as well as some of the other incoming changes in the 1.70 update.

We will be expecting a major Sony PSN outage when the updates land, and if you want to get the update as soon as possible make sure you set your console onto Auto Update around the 30th.


Sony has revealed that they will be bring ing a major Playstation 4 console software update to the gaming machine “soon” and that the update will bring a brand new video and content sharing service called SHAREfactory to the PS4.

The PS4 1.70 version software will be lainding “soon” and Sony has classed the update as a “significant update” to the software.

The biggest new feature is the SHAREFactory application which will be a similar app to the Xbox One’s Upload Studio. The feature will allow gamers to edit, create and put together gaming vidoes on their PS4. Gamers will be able to edit clips form games they have played, then add text, stickers and video commentary over the top (only if you have the PS4 Camera) and top it off with Music to create full videos.

Gamers will then be able to export the videos to a USB drive or stick and then eventually upload them online. The system will unlock the HDCP copy protection over HDMI which allows games to output Full HD video to an external recording device for the first time.

Sony’s state: “With SHAREfactory, you can now easily combine your captured video clips for editing, personalize them with special effects using filters, transitions, and themes, as well as share them with your friends and social networks. “

The v1.70 software will also open up 720p resolution to the Twitch and Ustream broadcasting and Sony have also updated the “Play as You Download” feature which will allow gamers who have previously pre-ordered titles on the Playstation network to download the game prior to the launch, which will t ehn be enabled to play live on the launch day. Saving lengthy downloads and install time on game launches.

We can only speculate as to when “Coming Soon” is but Sony usually pre-empts big updates with a Sony PSN Scheduled Maintenance announcement which will inevitably shut down the PSN for a few hours to update.

Source: PlayStation Blog