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South Park Role Playing Game Coming in 2012 – Ten Years Too Late?

Animation sensation South Park will return as a game in 2012, but before you fans of the expletive exploits of Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Kyle go running for the Colorado mountains in remembrance of that horrendous first-person-shooter for the original Playstation and Nintendo 64 consoles – this ones being handled by the makers of alt-reality role-player Fallout.

Details are scarce about South Park: The Game at present but from a report by Game Informer we know that the next time we see the crudely drawn brainchildren of Matt Stone and Trey Parker they will be appearing in a role-playing game which is in development by Obsidian creators of the latest Fallout subtitled New Vegas. Throwing away those haunting memories of paintballing killer turkeys in a shoddy alien invasion plot that we were subjected to in 1998 as a quick cash-in to the uber-popular series, the new game will feature a fully-immersive town of South Park, complete with virtual dioramas from the hit Comedy Central cartoon as well as an interactive cast of familiar characters.

The four lads themselves will not be playable, however, and players will need to create a new persona to explore within the town of South Park while playing out a storyline – which will hopefully be penned by the DVDA duo. No information either on which of our gaming platforms will be going down to South Park: The Game when it launches sometime next year.

We’re delighted to see South Park shaping up as a legitimate game, with some solid backing but can’t help but wonder if ten years after the shows peek it’s going to be too little too late. Don’t get it wrong, the show still has us lol-ing on a regular basis well into its 15th season, but with Fox recently announcing its plans for an online Family Guy social RPG we have to question whether this might just be a hasty move to have South Park keeping up with the Griffins.
Here’s a look back at that pretty awful 1998 South Park game!

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