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Special Perks For Gold Apple Watch Owners

If you end up purchasing the ludicrously expensive and super flashy gold plated Apple Watch Edition, you can expect to own much more than just a watch. Apple is promising first class treatment for owners of the device – even in Apple Stores.

Once you shell out that ten thousand dollar cash pile for the opulent Apple device, you can expect to cut in line in stores, get special treatment from staff, as well as have premium access to the help you need if your golden gadget is under the weather. According to Apple, all this and more will be available to owners of the Edition version.

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Indeed, you can even book yourself in for an appointed hour of assistance in a ‘private area’, away from those less well off people who can still afford non gold plated Apple products. But hey, when you buy an equivalently expensive mechanical watch you can expect the same kind of treatment too. Prospective buyers don’t even have to wait in line.

The Apple Watch Edition is really the peak of the Apple luxury aesthetic – it’s not only made of gold, but it’s also special gold. Yes, Apple really managed to make gold somehow more awesome – this was achieved by smelting and shaping it in a way that makes it superior, with the help of elves learned master craftsmen.

Work it baby.

Apple’s own internal blurb served to staff definitely maintains the air of mystique around the device, describing the Edition as “the ultimate expression of extraordinary craftsmanship, incredible innovation, and design driven by functionality and end use… technology becoming seductive, with desirability not necessarily defined simply by a price tag or elitism, but rather meticulous focus on usefulness and utility rooted in beauty.”

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It might be the showmanship feat of the decade, because even if you don’t manage to get the Apple Watch Edition, you’ve probably heard about it. There’s nothing like an expensive luxury version of a device to build the hype for the entry level model. The Edition certainly looks amazing.

It’s hard to believe that a long time ago Steve Jobs was peddling half baked computers out of a garage for less than a thousand dollars. Would he have known his company would ever go this far? We think perhaps not.

Source: 9to5Mac

Via: Engadget