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Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Force Band Pre-Orders Begin

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At Christmas time 2015 everyone fell in love with BB-8, the adorable droid who dashed into the Star Wars universe and stole the show as part of the latest film in the saga – Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Everybody wanted one, and smart toy company Sphero made it happen by launching a rolling replica, albeit a miniaturised version, that could be control via mobile app.

With kids and grown-ups already drafting this year’s letter to Santa, Sphero has announced pre-orders have begun for the Force Band – a wearable gadget that lets you control the BB-8 droid using hand motions, just like using the Force.

A prototype of the Force Band was first demonstrated at January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas along with a new special ‘Battle Word’ BB-8 droid which features authentic ‘worn’ detailing – dust and scratches, just as he appears when found in The Force Awakens. The Force Band has undergone some major changes in appearances, and rather than the plastic and somewhat tacky look we saw before, the finished product looks like it’s been lifted straight from the Star Wars prop room with rebel insignia, distressed metallic detailing and a really cool light that flashes when it’s active.

We hate to break it to ya, kid – but the Force is just make-believe and hokey religion. So the Force Watch instead relies on Bluetooth to push, pull and navigate BB-8 and has a 30 metre range with 60 minutes use between charges by USB connection. Because of the Bluetooth control you don’t actually need your mobile handy, but can use the app to learn and master new controls with the Force Band, thanks to Holocron training, and you can also program the droid to perform new tricks, as well as receive updates for Sphero.

Limited quantities of the Star Wars Force Band are now available to pre-order for $79.99 through the Sphero website and are expected to ship from September 30th. A bundle including Force Band and ‘Battle Worn’ BB-8 droid is also available costing $199.99.