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Star Trek – The Game: Cover Art & Release Date Revealed for Movie Tie-in on Xbox 360 & PS3

The countdown has begun until the biggest Star Trek movie event to stardate – Star Trek Into Darkness – with a pair of action-packed trailers already being widely discussed for the film which launches on 17th of May 2013 and once again features Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as the new Captain Kirk and Mister Spock. And despite the Khan speculation we recently got confirmation that Benedict Cumberbatch will actually be playing an entirely new villain – a terrorist named Jonathan Harrison.

With the Trek universe successfully reset and rebooted by Paramount Pictures and helmed by JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions co. back in 2009 with a brand new look and with phasers set the thrill, a shoot-em up for popular consoles was a highly logical next step in the campaign. After teasing the game (simply called ‘Star Trek’) back at the Electronic Entertainment Expo back in June and revealing it will be an entirely new story revolving around classic baddies the Gorn, developer Extreme Games and publisher Bandai Namco has now shed light onto darkness to reveal the official cover art and release date for the game.

Star Trek will boldly go where no third-person shooter has gone before on the 23rd of April and the cover art reflects the action and excitement we can expect with Kirk and Spock walking through a ruined landscape carrying some heavy artillery with the skies ablaze with laser fire from hovering ships. It’s clear from this vision of futuristic conflict that this isn’t your typical turn based geek fodder of previous Star Trek gaming missions, but closer to contemporary and more exciting titles such as the Call of Duty series – appealing, like the movies, to a much larger audience than just the hardcore Trekkies.

As mentioned the new game will feature the U.S.S Enterprise‘s commanding duo, who will be voiced by the respective actors who portray them in the movies and Star Trek’s star power hits warp speed as Hollywood actors Karl Urban also appears as Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy and Simon Pegg beams in as Scotty, both are among the additional appearing characters that make up the crew in this game.

Star Trek’s next mission begins on 23rd of April for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, with the Star Trek Into Darkness movie released on the 17th of May.

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