Steam Greenlight – Online Players Can Choose Valve’s Next Game Releases

PC gamers will soon be able to choose which titles they want to see become available on Valve’s digital distribution service Steam.

The scheme called Steam Greenlight will allow members of the online gaming community to vote on their favourites from a selection of unreleased games from a number of developers. Titles will be supported by screenshots, videos and details to help the game get launched on the Steam store and up for purchase for all to enjoy by more than forty-million active users on the service which commands an estimated 70% share of the digital market for video games.

With Valve looking to break away from an internal selection process, Steam users will be able to give feedback on what they see and can actually shape the direction the development takes to better a game’s chance of being released – as per what the player wants to see – and not only is this exciting for the gamers, who will get to decide which games get the thumbs up but this is also a very big deal for lesser-known developers looking to cut their teeth alongside gaming giants such as Skyrim creator Bethesda as well as Grand Theft Auto makers Rockstar and LucasArts, who make some sci-fi games or something.

Valve via the Steam community tells us “We know there is still a lot of room for improvement in making Steam distribution easier and faster; this is just a first step in that direction”. For more information on the Steam Greenlight scheme for gamers and developers check out the Official Website.

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