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Valve’s Remote Steam Download Feature Goes Official

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After months of beta testing, Valve’s online gaming platform Steam will be officially launching its remote Steam download feature to all of its users after it finishing its Beta testing period.

The feature enables Steam users to manage their library of games remotely via the internet, so that if you are at work or away from your main PC you can continue to have access to your download, new releases and latest purchases, as soon as they’re available.

Users will also be able to login via mobile access as long as you leave Steam running on your PC or Mac at home so that you can even manage your downloads on the move using a smartphone or tablet.

This will enable users on a game’s release day to remotely access their accounts, set downloads of a new release and by the time they get home from their daily grind the new game or add-on pack will be all downloaded and ready to go.

You will be able to manage and use remote Steam download from the Games list on the Steam Community site, which you can access from a web browser or the Steam mobile app.

Once in your games list you can select a game to download, hit install and wham, bam, it remotely  downloads to your computer.

This should save a lot of time for eager gamers who have wanted to play a new game but that pesky work or school gets in the way. With the new feature you can assure yourself that the second you get home you have dedicated gaming time, not waiting for a download and installation!

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