Telltale Games Confirms The Walking Dead ‘400 Days’ Bonus DLC

Telltale Games has now confirmed that there will be more of The Walking Dead to come before the game begins its second season. A bonus downloadable episode of the popular story-driven series based on the comic version of Robert Kirkman’s vision of the zombie apocalypse is coming next month and will be entitled ‘400 Days’.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead was one of the stand-out gaming experiences of the past year. Featuring an episodic format fans have been engaged by regular instalments of this playable survival spin-off and the series has been applauded for its riveting and moving storylines. However, players have been left dangling from a cliffhanger since the first season came to a close in November.

The indie developer states that players will need to have completed the full first season to continue living The Walking Dead experience in ‘400 Days’ as actions in the first five episodes will have an impact on the events unfolding in this bonus DLC which will be based around a truck stop in Georgia.

‘400 Days’ will feature five linked stories from different points in the first 400 days of the zombie outbreak and the domino effect will spill over into The Walking Dead future episodes with consequences of player’s decisions in this DLC reflected in the upcoming season two.

The ‘400 Days’ DLC will be available in July costing around $5 on PlayStation Network, Apple iOS, PC and Mac or equivalent Microsoft points on Xbox Live.

At this week’s E3 presentation Sony confirmed that The Walking Dead from Telltale Games was coming to PS Vita in a full first season pack, with the ‘400 Days’ bonus DLC included in the purchase along with some exclusive extras yet to be revealed.