Tesco to launch Hudl smartphone by Christmas

UK supermarket chain Tesco is looking to expand its Hudl range to include an OEM smartphone, it will also release an updated 7-inch device in September. Tesco previously had great success with its own-branded Android tablet last year. They are hoping the Tesco Hudl 2 will do the same.

They will be hoping their new handset will have the same impact in the UK as the original Hudl tablet too, the BBC were the first to get this news and suggest that it will not skimp on specifications. Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke told BBC Radio 5 live’s Wake Up to Money programme that it will be comparably to the Samsung Galaxy S5; this is Samsung’s flagship device.

Much like the Hudl, both devices will come pre-installed with all those great Tesco services and will be Android based. The specs for the phone are expected to be at the higher end of the mobile market, but Mr Clarke said expect it to be “aggressively priced”.

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So far we have received no exact specifications for the Tesco Hudl 2 tablet or the smartphone, Mr Clarke only went as far as to suggest the expected release date. The original Hudl accumulated over 500,000 sales which is impressive for their first ever tablet. Let’s hope Tesco keep the £119 from first device for.

Tesco’s smartphone is expected to command a higher price to match its specifications. That might make the handset less of an impulse buy, but Tesco says it will still price the handset aggressively in a hope to challenge the major smartphone players.



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