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The Benefits Of Automation: Job Creation?

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Can Automation bring job creation?

Gadgets are here to stay, whether they benefit us or not in the long term is an unknown.

The implementation of automation has been bandied about as a threat to jobs.

The threat is that robots can do a better job. They can continue to work without breaks. They will not form unions or organise walkouts. Oh, and you do not have to pay them.

Most of this is true, at least in current times anyway. If we are talking about full sentience then who knows? Maybe the robots for equal rights party will be formed? Maybe we will have become so reliant on them that a 100 year walkout would doom us all?
There are always a minimum of two sides to any story…
The side being served today is, what about the benefits?

Job creation. Yes, you may be thinking this is antithesis to automation, maybe we can change your mind?

Job Creation

  • Unless we are talking about fully synthetic, immortal, autonomous humanoids, there is every chance there will be a few spare parts needing replacing before long.
  • Someone will still need to regulate the system in place. With robotics and automation spreading through the tech world, guidelines will need to be met along with strict rulings. These guidelines will need to be checked regularly and somebody will probably have to check in every now and then to make sure everything is working as it should be. Especially in the services sector where regular contact with real humans is a given.
  • Smart electric cars for example will still need to have their steering checked. They will still need to be road legal regardless, at least here in The U.K. anyway.
  • Freedom to do other things!

Imagining a world of full automation may seem at odds with the previous sentence.
Hypothetically speaking here. Entrepreneurs could be the key to freedom. What these people do very well is look for gaps in the market and exploit them. There is nothing wrong with this. They drive progress as much as the largest tech corporation does.

Most large tech corporations will scout for new tech, if it fits the niche they are looking for they will usually attempt to purchase the company involved. Most of these companies started out as entrepreneurs noticing a gap or need.

With the loss of certain jobs due to automation there will be many created that we cannot even imagine currently. These displaced workers will need to have something to fall back on. To this end it is not a stretch to expect massive growth of small businesses.
People will begin, ironically, to move toward cottage industry and craft. Think of something that requires ‘out the box’ thinking and specific craft skills and there’s a position waiting to be filled. By you!

Just because the positions are unknown does not mean they will not be created. Progress always brings change and change is usually a good thing, even when it does not seem it at the time.

We trust you have been having a good Monday!
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