The Emoji Keyboard is Here – Unicorns and Smiley Poos at Touch of a Button

As communication evolves (or breaks down, depending on how you view it) this was destined to happen sooner or later – Someone has actually invented the Emoji Keyboard allowing social networkers to express a visual range of emotions faster and easier than ever before.

EmojiWorks is the maker of the Emoji Keyboard, which is currently (and to no surprise of our own) the company’s only product and it relies on Bluetooth connectivity to sync wirelessly to a number of smart devices including mobiles and tablets. EmojiWorks boasts that the Emoji Keyboard will give the user emoji superpowers and the ability to “type emoji 10 times faster than your friends at the press of button.”

So, basically the keyboard works as an actually keyboard with letters and numbers and all the usual symbols and digits you’ll need you type a message but with the press of a button you can turn to keys into dedicated emoji buttons for your every need. Need a smiley, a tearful or a winky face? It’s right there at your fingertips. Even the more obscure symbols that are beyond any explanation including the taco, the unicorn and the grinning poo are all there too.

The Emoji Keyboard comes in three versions: a standard model – which features 47 emoji, one emoji per key, a Plus model – offering twice the selection with two emoji per key, and a Pro model – featuring a full range of emoji imaginable and then some. The latter two models also feature special options to alter the skin tones of the face emoji, offering some surprisingly thoughtful ethnic diversity.

The standard Emoji Keyboard will cost $49.95, the Plus $74.99 and the Pro at $99.95 and all three are up for pre-ordering at