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The Evil Within slashed to half price on Xbox One and 360

Microsoft has revealed the latest Deals with Gold titles for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and we’re most excited to tell you that the frightfully good offers this week include 50% off The Evil Within.

The Evil Within marked Japanese game director Shinji Mikami’s return the survival horror genre which he was instrumental in creating with the early Resident Evil games. With Mikami’s talent for spooky storytelling and the game’s gallons of gore and perfectly set-up scares The Evil Within was highly anticipated thanks to a terrifying promotional campaign and massively acclaimed by fans when this “masterwork of absolute insanity” was finally unleashed last October.

Xbox Gold members with either of the current Xbox platforms can now experience the horror for themselves at half price (usual £39.99) and we would highly recommend it – especially with the lights out and an adult nappy firmly strapped on!

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More scare-inducing savings are available in the Deals with Gold on Xbox One in the form of Metro 2033 Redux, a first-person survival game based in a post-apocalyptic Moscow which is invaded with mutant enemies. In this one creeping around in the dark is replaced with heavy weaponry, firearms and combat. The main game receives a 40% price slash and add-on extras for the game are also available. An original version of the game, Metro 2033, is also discounted on Deals with Gold for Xbox 360.

The full list and details of this week’s Games with Gold deals for Xbox One and Xbox 360 can be checked on Major Nelson’s blog. Deals end on April 20th.

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