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The Google Star Wars Easter Egg You Have Been Looking For!

The fun-loving jokers at the internet search provider have become one with The Force Awakens in a rebellious act that will leave Star Wars fans in awe!

Make a lightspeed jump to right now* and search for the phrase “A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Galaxy Far Far Away” (without the quotations) and you won’t be disappointed.

Searching for these exact works will activate an impressive (most impressive) Easter egg which will transform the regular boring Google search results list into a Star Wars style opening scroll with the rolling yellow script on starry backdrop – just like at the beginning of all six  Star Wars saga movies so far and the upcoming Episode VII. [*We tried this on Google Chrome, but does not seem to work in Internet Explorer.]

Unfortunately the search results are limited to just that one set of words from the famous phrase so there’s not a great deal to click on, and it would be cool if it stayed around for other searches until you decide to turn the feature off. Regardless, this is a really neat little Jedi trick that reminds us that the new movie is only 22 days away!

Google is not the only internet company to get involved in the Star Wars celebrations. Twitter has also been getting on-board with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and crew by introducing tweetable emoji of droids and Stormtroopers and Facebook offers its first 360 degree video experience which allows visitors to take a tour of the planet Jakku which features in both The Force Awakens and the recently released Star Wars Battlefront game.

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