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Zavvi Cyber Monday – Up to £20 off PS4 and Xbox One Controllers

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UK entertainment retailer Zavvi has been dishing out deals aplenty this Black Friday/Cyber Monday from DVDs and Blu-Rays to some really cool collectable memorabilia. Today they’ve caught our attention again by slashing the price of a range of funky custom controllers for Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One with savings of up to £20 on some crazy colours and styles for both next gen machines.

Options for the official PS4 DualShock 4 include the Magma Red and traditional Black for £34.99 – down from £54.99 which is a great saving, and also Gloss Orange now £74.99 instead of £84.99. You can also pick up the retro-styled 20th Anniversary Edition which is now £46.99, leaving you £8 in pocket.

And for the rival team, Xbox One controllers on offer include a standard Black wireless controller for just £34.99, Gloss White and (the even whiter) White on White Gloss both at £69.99 with the prestigious Chrome Gold and uber-tacky Sticker Bomb versions both at £74.99. Each of the aforementioned deals saves you a tenner on the usual asking price and there’s £20 to be saved on the Chrome Silver edition which is £64.99 down from £84.99.

It’s the ideal time to pick up a bargain from the Cyber Monday sale and bag an extra controller that dazzles your multiplayer mates with a bit of pizazz – either if you already have a PS4 or Xbox One, or if you’re hoping to get one from Santa this Christmas.

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