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The Worlds Your Radio (Radio.Garden)

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As Christmas approaches and the stress begins to build, it may be a good idea to unwind with some music. Now, most of us would turn to a radio or other device to hear some music while wrapping our presents etc. This is great of course but some of us, to put it mildly, cannot stand Christmas music.

So, what to do? 

Here at Gadgethelpline we may have the solution for this minor niggle you find yourself in.

If you have access to the internet then this will be just what you are looking for; Radio Garden, a website that allows you to explore the Earths radio stations interactively.

At first glance you may be wondering what the big deal is, that is, until you start exploring. It is really quite mind-blowing how many stations are listed on the site. Not only are there hundreds of stations but they load almost instantly once you move the Radio scan circle over them. 

This is not all though. The webpage also offers links for History, Jingles and stories. The jingles are obviously a lot less in number than the stations but still quite fun to listen to jingles from across the World. The history holds interesting points based on the radio station in question and its jingles that pop up on the page as you scroll.

The real hidden gem though? If you have this loaded on your smartphone it will continue playing when minimised and with the phone screen off!

So if you are after broadening your horizons or merely bored of the same old meaningless drivvle then head on over to and relax as the sounds of the world are played for your aural enjoyment.