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Top 5 Sony Xperia Tablet Z accessories

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is one of the best received new Android tablets, with most reviews labelling it as an excellent waterproof media machine. If you’ve picked one up and you’re now looking for some accessories to make the most of its prowess, then have a look at what we’ve selected below!

5. SD Smart Style Case with Handstrap

If you’re looking for a basic Xperia Tablet Z case that ticks all the boxes then this SD Smart Style Case is a good choice. You get a leather-style cover for the tablet itself, plus a flip cover which can be folded into a triangle to serve as a stand. The case also includes a handstrap, allowing you to hold the tablet with one hand comfortably. While the tablet looks better without this case, the protection and stand provided make this a worthwhile investment.

4. Brodit Active Car Holder with Tilt Swivel

If you want to use the Xperia Tablet Z as the world’s biggest sat-nav or perhaps just show movies to your kids in the back seat, you might need this Brodit Active Car Holder. The car holder can be adjusted to suit any orientation, and even includes a charger that will keep the tablet topped up while you’re on the move.

3. Martin Fields Screen Protector

If you’re worried about dropping and damaging your Tablet Z’s screen, then this Martin Fields screen protector is ideal. Once installed, you’ll have a good amount of scratch resistance without impacting image clarity or touch functionality.

2. Zenus Neo Classic

While the Xperia Tablet Z case we looked at earlier was functionally complete, it wasn’t exactly stylish. This Zenus Neo Classic case is much stronger in this regard, offering the classic look of wine red leather. The case still includes a built-in stand and a hand strap too, ensuring that you don’t sacrifice any functionality.

1. PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand

The PadPivot is a brilliant little tablet stand. You can either place your tablet into the rubberised clip at the base of the stand, or apply the sticky surface to the back of your tablet. Either way you’ll get a nice and stable viewing platform, and you can even use the bundled strap to keep the tablet securely on your leg. A great tablet stand, and one of the few accessories that I use day-to-day.


Whilst there aren’t many accessories out right now for this new tablet, hopefully we’ll see more accessories available soon, but until then this is the best of the best. If you’ve found a must-have accessory for your Xperia Tablet Z that’s not on our list, please share it using the comments below.