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Toshiba unveil new line of Regza TVs with Facial Recognition

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Toshiba have unveiled the next generation of Regza televisions, which include a number of ‘Smart TV’ features, including facial recognition.

The next range of Regza TVs will fall under the YL and WL model series, and are implanted with something called a Cevo chip. What is a Cevo chip? We hear you ask. A Cevo chip is a powerful processor, usually with multiple cores (think dual or quad-core), which enables a television to utilise ‘Smart’ features, such as apps and 2D to 3D conversion.

2D to 3D conversion is one of many new features included in the YL and WL Regza models. They will also be capable of 3D playback, DLNA, Freeview HD, and web apps such as Flickr, BBC iPlayer and Dailymotion which can all be accessed using the built-in Wi-Fi.

Within the YL and WL range there will be three sizes: 42, 46 and 55-inches. All models are designed by Jacob Jensen, the same designer who has previously helped Toshiba make some sleek and attractive HDTVs, such as the VL range of LED TVs.

The main attraction of the new Regza sets is a built-in camera, which will work with Toshiba’s new facial recognition software, Personal TV. This makes the Regza YL and WL TVs the first in the world to feature facial recognition technology.

Personal TV allows each user to create their own picture and audio settings preferences, and link them to a profile stored on the TV. The facial recognition software will then tell the TV to change those settings when said person enters the room. Very clever.

As yet there hasn’t been a release date or pricing announced for these next-gen televisions, but we’ll be sure to let you know any additional info as soon as we hear it.

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