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Twitch TV Purchased by Amazon

Twitch TV has been coming on in leaps and bounds since the very early days of the service, when one could watch gamers streaming their favourite games at a semi-reliable quality and bandwidth. Once Twitch got over the many teething problems of sorting out a fully equipped online game streaming service, they set about re-branding their service and creating companion apps for Android and iOS. This attracted a lot of attention, as Twitch has now been bought out by retail giant Amazon.

Twitch are a global streaming platform for player made, player hosted live broadcasts of video games.

The gaming community predictably were divided in their reaction, with the more progressive audiences thrilled to see that the independent platform has now been given the corporate treatment, their comments full of praise for Twitch for a job well done, seeing as how the company is barely 3 years old.

Meanwhile, the less receptive to change side of the gaming community seemed slightly upset, claiming the big corporate entity will suck the life out of Twitch with their corporationey corporation-ness, as well as making very obvious comparisons to the purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook.

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Not enough time has really elapsed to make a concrete verdict on whether change is good, or bad, but in an interview with TechRadar, Twitch’s PR Director, simply known as Chase, dispelled some of the misgivings about the acquisition.

Amazon is one of the world’s largest and most accessible online stores, who own some of the most extensive server collections worldwide.

The main thing Chase highlighted was that the internal structure of Twitch as a company would not radically change. The CEO will stay the same, the internal ‘culture’ of the company as he put it will stay the same. Twitch will stand by their community, and Amazon themselves have a track record of good relations with companies they purchase and allowing them to retain much of their independance.

Chase also offered some insight on whether Twitch could have become a huge corporate entity itself if the purchase hadn’t gone through, apparently, he said, the acquisition was inevitable, but the company’s CEO was adamant that they be purchased by a company who shared their values and would allow them to operate freely.

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Whether this will be Twitch’s fate is unknown, but, for now, the company is the property of Amazon. This may well be a really good thing, as Amazon has control over vast servers which Twitch could use to their advantage for the constant problem of permanently saving vast reels of live broadcasts for future viewing.

In this case, only time will tell. We’ll keep you posted on further developments from Twitch.

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