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Virgin Media EPG Changed for new Sky Sports and HD Channels

Virgin media users with the Sky Sports bundle will have to get used to a new EPG channel layout from today as with the launch of the new HD versions of Sky Sports 3, 4, F1 and Sky Sports News to its line-up Virgin has re-jigged the EPG layout.

What’s more the line-up will also accommodate the incoming Sky Sports 5 (European Football) channel in August and with an unknown date Sports News HD too.

The new HD channels launched yesterday, with Sky Sports 3, 4 and F1 HD have all been added to the EPG and are available for Virgin Media subscribers to the Sky Sports service.

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Virgin Media has moved some of the Sky Sports channels with the standard definition version of Sky Sports News now on channel 501 (previously 515) where Sky Sports 4 HD now lives.

Its not just the sprits channels either as Sky have also renumbered Sky 1 HD, Sky Living HD and the Sky Movies HD channels to fit in with the new changes. The following is the new line-up of channels:

Channel EPG
Sky Sports 2 503
Challenge +1 180
Sky Livingit+1 160
Challenge 139
Sky Sports 3 504
Sky Sports 1 502
Sky Sports F1 507
Sky Sports 4 505
Sky Arts 2 283
Sky Sports News 501
Pick 123
Sky2 121
Sky Action&Adventure 407
Sky Disney 405
Sky Comedy 408
Sky Drama & Romance 410
Sky Family 406
Sky Select 412
Sky ScFi Horror 411
Sky Crime & Thriller 409
Sky Greats 404
Sky Premiere 1hr 402
Sky Premiere 401
Sky Livingit 122
Sky Disney HD 435
Sky Premiere HD 431
Sky1 HD 110
Sky Living HD 112
Sky SciFi & Hor HD 441
Sky Greats HD 434
SkyArts1HD 282
Sky Arts 2 HD 284
Sky Sports 1HD 512
Sky Select HD 442
Sky Drama & Rom HD 440
Sky Sports 2HD 513
Sky Family HD 436
Sky Comedy HD 438
Sky Thriller HD 439
Sky Action HD 437
Sky Showcase HD 433
Sky Sports 4HD 515
Sky Sports 3HD 514
Sky Sports F1HD 517
Sky News 602
Sky1 109
Sky Showcase 403
Sky Arts1 281
Sky Living 111
Sky Living+1 140

The good news is that This won’t affect users planned recordings, series links or WishLists with the changes, so Virgin states “there’s no need to panic”

The changes will be effective as of now, with the new channels available to HD customers with the relevant packages.