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Get a Star Trek Next Generation Face for Android Wear

We’ve seen a number of impressive custom faces for Android smart watches but this one is warp speeds ahead of all the rest which turns a wearable gadget’s touchscreen into the LCARS interface used on the Starship Enterprise – it’s called Starwatch.

Fans will be familiar with the user interface which was used by the crews of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager and can now enjoy the very same touchscreen experience as cult heroes Captain Picard and Mr Data on their own devices such as LG G Watch, Samsung Gear or other Android Wear devices. Simply download the Starwatch app to your Android mobile, sync with your wearable device and the standard screen will be replaced with LCARS displaying clock and stardate.

Star Trek: The Next Generation set off on its seven season mission in 1987 and introduced the pop culture world to fictitious touchscreen technology which would become clear inspiration for real life devices such as the Apple iPad. Now that we’ve caught up with the futuristic gadgets of the sci-fi show, and also have the PADD app for iPad and a universal remote Phaser, the stuff of fan boy dreams is become a reality!

Starwatch is a unofficial app by Bonysoft and is now available on Google Play.