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Watch as the Apple Watch 2 Gets Broken Down Ahead of Launch Event

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A parts specialist has apparently gotten hold of the Apple Watch 2 ahead of this evening’s launch event for both the brand new wearable and also at least two new iPhone models (iPhone 7).

The video published today from Bytesuperstore on YouTube breaks down the wrist worn gadget showing off the casing and internal parts being manhandled and measured from a disassembled Apple Watch 2. It’s hard to envision what the final product will look like from seeing it in pieces. But a noteworthy leak nonetheless, especially with the hype almost at an end and the big reveal expected within the next hour.

The second generation Apple Watch is expected to carry WatchOS 3 and an Apple S2 chip – a dedicated chip for wearables, and an upgrade on the previous version’s S1 chip. A GPS sensor will be included this time, meaning that the wearable can be used away from an iPhone, which is great for fitness fans. The original Apple Watch was a troubled release and we hope that this hiccups will not carry forward with this one. You may remember the initial batch was hindered by an issue with the device’s tap-tic sensor and it was also understood the initial brand was not as well received by the tech buying market – we think lessons would have been learned on the last venture and look forward to what Apple has to show us next.

As well as the Apple Watch 2, the highlight of the event today will of course be the iPhone 7, which could come in two or three forms – the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and possibly even the iPhone 7 Pro.

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