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Why Go Dual Camera?

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It has come to our attention at Gadgethelpline that dual camera is beginning to appear on a number of smartphones. We also understand that there are many people out there wondering why on Earth they need a second camera? One is enough surely?

Dual Camera

The reasons there are two cameras on these devices is that they are getting ready for changes in the market. For example, Google announced Daydream and along with it came a few compatibility must haves . First and foremost, it must have two cameras (Stereo camera).

In photography terms, this means you will be able to take pictures that match the human eyes perception much more closely. Humans have stereo vision and the brain makes things a little easier by mapping all that info into one image.

Faint objects will become clearer, 3D images can be captured easily and apps can be developed to take advantage of this,  Project Tango for example.

Taking a picture with dual cameras you will find that the focus is much quicker as only one of the lenses is primarily focused (pardon the pun) on this task.  

The First Primary lens works in pretty much the same way as a single lens camera. The Second Primary lens usually has two features: It adds clarity by using monochrome and zooming. The options are many for manufacturers though; one camera could be just the picture taker whilst the other captures depth.

The other good reason has something to do with Pokemon Go. Augmented Reality was catapulted into mainstream last year by this trespassing phenomenom. Millions saw their reality augmented for the first time through their phone screens…

Having dual cameras will increase the quality of an Augmented Reality image. The depth perception that comes with stereo lenses will also allow users to interact with augmented images to a finer degree.

So, if you are in the market for a new phone, this may well be a feature that you should seriously be considering!