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WiFi 6 Is Internet Of Things Ready! – What Is It, Do You Need It?

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Wifi 6, heard of it? Most likely not. Wifi 6 is the new name for the next revolution in WiFi. Originally the WiFi standards name was in the format 802.1 etc. The WiFi Alliance, the body in charge of naming these things have realised that people would prefer things a little simpler. Instead of calling it 802.11ax it will be known as WiFi 6. Thumbs up here as the latter definitely rolls off the tongue much easier.

We wont go fully into the ins and outs of what these new routers are packing under the hood though. Armed with the knowledge of what it actually is should lead you towards the new products. There are currently less than ten on the market so they wont be hard to find.

Wifi 6

So what’s the big deal?

  • Well for starters the new standard can hold a network together with 4 times the current number of devices than your standard home WiFi manages.
  • A whole lot faster than standard home Wifi; up to 9.6Gbps.
  • Iot ready. With the internet of things (iot) well in motion this is a much needed upgrade.
  • In effect, the new standard doubles the channel width that you data can travel down.

If you are a PC or console gamer then this will be a shining light for you to grab hold of.
No more lagging on wireless. You can now go tether free without fearing disconnects, packet loss or lag. Finally, gamers can ditch the ethernet umbilical.

Tom’s guide put together a good review of the current collection available. This is more catering to what’s available in the U.S but the review is still solid.

For a UK review list click here.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a more stable, faster home network.

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