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Windows 10 Apps Can Now Be Created Without Coding

Coding is somewhat of a nightmare for the uninitiated – lines of bizarre, strangely formatted text can appear as much of a mystery as ancient Hieroglyphics to a complete novice. Microsoft appears to know this, and, for their next project for the ultra accessible Windows 10, they have implemented a scheme that lets users build their own fully functional app without inputting a single line of code.

Designing fairly complicated software through a user interface isn’t an entirely new concept, in fact programs for building websites with graphics instead of code, such as Dreamweaver, have been around a long time. Creating an app that builds apps is a fairly groundbreaking concept however.

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Although companies in the business of building apps for profit might feel slightly threatened by this communal effort, end users will almost certainly benefit from the developer kit Microsoft offers. Whilst the basic functions of the Windows App Studio can help you create a functional application which performs simple tasks, such as showing your web content, the program is also fully functional for those who can code. HTML input is allowed.

So many apps, so many Live Tiles, so little time.

Heading over to the site reveals a simplistic 4 step approach to app building and design – Microsoft wants you to believe that nothing could be simpler, even though up until now app development is a notoriously high tech highly skilled field. Of course, the App Studio won’t be putting any high level developers out of work – it seems to ultimately be more of a proof of concept, or work in progress at the moment, showing that anyone can create an app.

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Whilst your home made program might not be a revolutionary piece of software, the Studio does open channels for the aspiring app developer to create a basic project whilst owning no software themselves – you can access the App Studio via the internet, for free. As an educational learning too the App Studio represents a great teaching and exploration resource – if you’re a first timer with an idea you want to try it’s probably a good place to start.

You can head over to the link below to test drive Windows App Studio right now – it’s web based, easy to use and absolutely free, no coding experience necessary.

Source: Windows 10 App Studio

Via: Techspot