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Windows Phone 8 UK users can upgrade for £24.99

Microsoft has announced that its UK customers who want to upgrade to its latest Windows 8 operating systems for their PC will have to pay just £24.99 to upgrade to the latest tech if they already have a copy of Windows since XP or up.

Last month the company announced that it would be charging US users $39.99 to upgrade from any version of Windows since XP to Windows 8 Pro and now we finally have a price for us in the UK for the same upgrade.

The OS will be going on general sale in the world form October the 26th after months of extensive Beta and Application testing.

Originally it was thought that Microsoft would be charging UK users £40 for the upgrade which would have been a price hike for us Brits to use the service in comparison to the US’s $40 which works out at around £25.

Microsoft is also offering its customer who has recently bought a Windows 7 device a cheaper upgrade system to the newer OS. If users have bought a Windows 7 PC since June 2nd 2012 they will eligible to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for £14.99 via the

Either way, it seems that we Brits are not going to be ripped off for the new Windows OS as much as we thought.

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