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WWE Network Billing Revised – No Commitment, Netflix Style Payments

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WWE today announced a change in its payment structure for the WWE network and also gave some hope for potential UK subscribers.

While addressing the company’s overall third quarter earnings World Wrestling Entertainment revealed the total number of subscribers to the on-demand grapple fest that is the WWE Network is currently 731,000 with 182,000 of those joining between April the 1st and 6th, during Wrestlemania week.

Subscriptions have considerably slowed down since then with only 31,000 signing up in the past three months paying up their $9.99 per month with six months commitment. This has evidently prompted WWE to review and revise how its subscribers pay for the streaming service and to potentially create greater appeal they have now dropped the elbow on the half year lock-in clause making for a more casual payment structure and anytime cancelation which is more in line with the likes of the ever popular Netflix.

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WWE CEO Vince McMahon spoke of the change stating “To capitalize on the substantial opportunity created by WWE Network, it’s time to remove all the barriers to those that want WWE” – emphasising the positives and failing to mention the dwindling numbers in recent sign ups.

Vinnie Mac also went on to address the WWE Network’s prolonged absence in the United Kingdom saying “We continue to develop the international platform for WWE Network and plan to make the network available in the U.K. on an OTT basis in November.”

Of course there is no fixed date on this and we expect news in November that there will be an announcement in December..

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