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Xbox One to get External Drive support update soon?

Microsoft is today starting its rollout of the May Xbox One update, which will focus mostly on Party Chat and Audio controls, but thanks to a leaked image on Reddit a user has shown that the much needed External Hard drive support for the console may also be on its way to the console.

Now the Software that will be landing in the next few days for Xbox One users will not have support of External Hard drives, but the leaked image from an Xbox One developer suggests that the HDD support may be very close, with excited fans pointing towards a June Software release.

The Lack of External Hard drive support has been a bone of contention for Xbox One owners since the consoles release, as many fans lament losing the functionality when upgrading from the older Xbox 360 console.

The Tipster has opted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but they leaked an image on Reddit showing off a connected device in the notification popup, with the caption: “Adding more hype on the list of things to come.”

The image itself looks like a photo of the screen, so not a mock up, and makes sense for the upgrade to be getting tested by its developers.

External Hard Drive support will be a major announcement of the Xbox One console, and with June’s E3 conference now only a few weeks away, the big stage in Los Angeles would be a great place to announce the new feature/ software update.